Earth Yoga and Alit Bar Sadeh

Live IN Yoga – 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Module 1 = Jun 7-16
Module 2 = Sep 13-22
Module 3 = Nov 15-24

EARLY BIRDS Tuition: €2975 Full Tuition | €1285 Per Module (Excl VAT)*

“Lose sight of the shore to discover new lands”

This is a call to dive deeper and explore the subtle layers of our body, mind, and the teachings of Yoga.

In our all-inclusive/multi-faceted 300 hrs yoga teacher training, we will explore, experience and get practical tools that will allow us to truly integrate the Yoga philosophy and practices into our day-to-day and share those with others through the teaching of yoga.

Beyond asana, pranayama, meditation, and the exploration of yogic myths and traditions, this heartful curated training offers the study of ayurvedic principles such as sattvic living, anti-inflammatory nutrition and gut health, nada yoga (exploring voice and sound),  yoga nidra, and more (details below).

All core faculty of this training are veteran experts in their fields as well as yoga teachers. As such, every theme is thoroughly explored in relation to the practice of yoga and our daily life.

No more superficial slogans. No more ideas and concepts that are disconnected from reality.

As a teacher you will LOVE this advanced training because you will learn to…

  • Easily incorporate the yoga philosophy and its subtle practices into your teachings
  • Mindfully develop and market workshops, master classes and retreats
  • Comfortably guide your students using your authentic voice and hands-on assists, while cultivating continuous inquiry.

“This training has emerged from the depths of the heart, with the intention to sincerely support the journey of devoted yoga practitioners and teachers in the exploration of the practice and teaching of Yoga. I am excited to teach and study it with you.”


Are you ready to explore the wonder of this practice and life?


  • Yoga teachers who have completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training and are ready to learn more about the practice and teaching of yoga


  • Yoga teachers who have completed a 500 Hour Training and are interested to continue exploring the subtle paths to the body, mind, and teaching. And who are open to new perspectives and tools for the teachings of yoga.


  • Devoted yoga students who are not teachers but desire to learn and be more established in their own practice of yoga, on and off the mat.


This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training consists of three modules taught in-person in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Each module is of 10 days, 7-9 hrs each day, with additional weekly online mentorship meetings in between the modules to support the exploration and practical implementation of the concepts studied in each module.

Sadhana Practices

Developing a self-practice through self-paced ashtanga yoga. Exploring energetic alignment, movement patterns and the intention of each asana, through Vinyasa yoga and asana labs.

Working with drishti, bandhas, and kriyas through focused workshops.

Nurturing a daily meditation and pranayama routine.

Yoga off the Mat

Self-inquiry through exploration of the relationship between ancient knowledge and mythology, and today’s modern life.

Exploring ourselves from a yogic perspective through studying ancient and modern texts from buddhism, classical and tantra yoga.

Learning and implementing practical tools to integrate the yogi viewpoint and tools in our daily life.

Inclusive Accessible Practice –

Finding the appropriate modification for asanas through understanding the essence of the asana and the intention of each practice. Making challenging asanas accessible to all.

Yoga for common injuries – modifications and specialized practices to support common injuries.

Incorporating pregnant woman in std asana classes

Art of Teaching

Incorporating the yoga philosophy, contemplation and subtle practices into your teaching.

Providing powerful and attentive hands-on assists

Developing workshops, master classes and retreats

Developing explorative and mindful asana sequences

Finding the right voice, cueing, and sounds to clearly,  authentically and harmoniously guide your students.

Practicum –

Practice and all is coming!

What we study we practice, and what we practice we share with others through the practice of teaching.

Practicum includes teaching, exploring and hand-on assisting practices; guiding meditation & pranayama; leading a satsang; developing and teaching a mindful sequence; developing a workshop/retreat, teaching yoga nidra, working with mantras, building a practice/class playlist.

Additional Core Themes:


Understanding the foundation of Ayurveda and its relationship to the practices of Yoga. Exploring our relationship to the 5 elements of the phenomenal world, and the nature of sattvic living. More info soon.

Nutrition & Gut health

Through exploration of nutrition principles and our second brain – the gut, we will be learning about the effects of what we eat on our mind, and receive tools to maintain a healthy gut. More info soon


Learning anatomy-based alignment approach that is based on four pairs of oppositional actions, to  help us and our students access safe, healthy, integrated alignment.

Learning how to apply the principal actions in your own body and in teaching, and to customize cues & internal actions in each pose for every body. Understand how different bodies & postures require varying degrees of emphasis on one or the other action within each pair.

Music & The Yoga Practice 

A deeper look into the gentle relationship of Music, Sound and Yoga practice.

A dimension that at times is considered as a “disturbance” or “Support”.

We will explore the elements of music and listening, and get simple yet powerful tools to use music, design our own playlists and be supported by music, as teachers and practitioners.


Alit Bar Sadeh

Senior E-RYT 500 Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher and mentor, Thai massage therapist, novice musician and an explorer of life, who has been sharing the spirit of yoga and its practice since 2010.

Alit is known for her hands-on assists, depth and precision of teaching, and the practical clarity with which she incorporates philosophical ideas from modern yogic tradition through the physical practice and heart-to-heart conversations.

Her Yoga education thus far includes attending and assisting a 600 hrs TT in Ashtanga Yoga, 200 hrs TT in Prana Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Yin yoga, Philosophy courses and more.

Utilizing her business background, Alit has been sharing her insights and tools through continuing education programs for teachers, immersion courses for novice and senior practitioners, and even through launching and organizing Israel’s biggest International Yoga Festival.

“It is my love and mission to live life fully and authentically, without the drama and cliches. To cultivate clear and kind seeing. And to support others in their own journey.”

Insta @alit.barsadeh

Facebook @alitbarsadehyoga


It is our privilege and blessing to collaborate with such wonderful experts and explorers of the different dimensions of Yoga.

Alva Malka

Alva is a dedicated practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a passionate advocate for Yoga. With over two decades of experience, she has mastered various holistic practices including Acupuncture, Herbology, Tuina, Shiatsu therapy, QiGong, Yoga, and meditation. Her love for Yoga has remained constant throughout her journey, leading her to train in a diverse range of styles such as Vinyasa, Prana Flow, Teen Yoga, Naada Yoga, Gong Mastery and Sound Energy Medicine.

She is an advanced I AM Yoga Nidra teacher and one out of only 3 trainers in the Nikki Slade Kirtan method.

As an esteemed instructor, Alva integrates the wisdom from her extensive training to create a welcoming space where students of all levels can explore the many facets of yoga.

Her mission is to foster physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, providing a sanctuary for individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery with support and empowerment at every step.

Instagram: @alvayoga

Debbi Lash

Debbie Lash, a seasoned Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, leading transformative retreats and workshops worldwide. With over two decades of dedicated yoga practice, Debbie’s innate warmth and contagious energy create an atmosphere where everyone feels seen and welcomed. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Debbie is committed to supporting you on your yoga journey.

Formerly residing in Los Angeles for seven years, Debbie honed her expertise by completing a 500-hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks and obtaining certification as an IIN Health Coach. Her influence extended beyond studio walls, reaching celebrities, surgeons, families, couples, and even enriching children’s lives through a dedicated kids’ yoga program.

After overcoming her own challenges with gut health. Debbie empathetically understands the complexities of healing and advocates for holistic nourishment to reclaim control over one’s health. Her guiding mantra, “You are just one decision away from change,” reflects her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals on their journey to wellness.

Insta @debbielashyoga

Facebook @debbie.lash.9

Isabelle Stüssi 

Isabelle is a holistic Ayurvedic health consultant and yoga teacher. Her passion is to teach yoga and Ayurveda in a modern and accessible way, so that people can find their way back to their personal rituals of self-care and learn to create islands of retreat for themselves on a regular basis.

Through her family in Mauritius, Isabelle Stüssi was initiated into the world of spices, yoga and rituals at an early age. The world of spirituality and mysticism has attracted her since she can remember.

She has been studying and practicing yoga and Ayurveda for over 20 years and teaching for over a decade. Until recently in her own studio in Switzerland.

Isabelle teaches a dynamic style of yoga that is heavily influenced by the Katonah Yoga® method. She is a holistic Ayurvedic nutrition and health consultant (REEA/HPS). She lives in Mallorca and regularly offers Ayurveda consultations, private classes, workshops, intensive programs and retreats.

Insta @

Shy Sayar 

Shy is a Somatic Therapist, anatomist, and yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. In his doctoral work at UC Berkeley, Shy studied philosophy and psychology, and is a sought-after lecturer on the topics in both the academic setting and in the medical, therapeutic, and personal development worlds. As a teacher of anatomy and physiology, Shy specializes in making even the most opaque functions of the human body interesting and accessible to students of all levels and backgrounds, and loves introducing practitioners to the magical beauty of posture & movement, as well as health & healing.

Yotam Agam

An Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. A musician.

He has been developing soundscapes for yoga practices and designing music to support the practice for over a decade.

Yotam spent most of his adult life in India, producing music and festivals and  has been performing and teaching around the world in the largest Yoga Festivals , like Wanderlust.

Today his music and teaching support many teachers and students.

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